Stillhouse Songwriter Sessions - Fall Series Show #38

Music returns to the Track on 2 in Lacombe!


Review & Photos Provided by:  Cam Fairbairn

October 15, 2021


The popular and fun Jim Beam Stillhouse weekly singer/songwriter music sessions returned to Lacombe’s Track on 2 event centre October 13, 2021 for another great season.

Hosted by Sunny 94 FM radio, these acoustic sessions are modeled after the Nashville singer/songwriter sessions where two musicians take turns playing their original songs while providing insight to the audience about the inspiration that led to the song being written. 

This season’s first show featured the engaging Albertans Ken Stead and Travis Dolter. Stead, a long-time musical veteran currently lives in Edmonton, whereas the Camrose-based Dolter is a relative newbie to the local Alberta music scene. Both were terrific.


Dolter’s strong voice has been honed since as a six-year-old he started singing in local Ukrainian choirs; he started writing country music at 17. His songs are about every-day things: meeting women at bars, days at the beach, getting dressed up for Halloween, and (of course) love – quite a few love songs, actually, one of which was accompanied by a funny story about singing about his girlfriend with their respective parents in the audience! Travis’s engaging style was evidenced as he started his second set with an audience participation song that included a series of leg kicks – demonstrating no doubt love of playing soccer!    


Stead’s spellbinding contribution to the evening was a series of thoughtful and melodic songs with lyrics and titles such as “long long time”, “Why are you afraid of the dark” and “if we believe it to be so… over time, we’ll be fine”. His self-effacing sense of humor, intense eyes and wry smile underscored his approach to music – not a traditional country songwriter, Ken describes himself, simply, as a roots-based songwriter writing about everyday things and concerns.


Ken has performed at the Stillhouse sessions several times before, but this might be his last. I was surprised and somewhat saddened to hear that he is planning a move to Denmark – hopefully, he will be back!


Both amazing singers and accomplished guitarists, the two songwriters were a perfect complement for each other and judging by the audience’s sustained applause, this pair was a big hit.


The restaurant at the Track on 2, the Funky Monkey, provides the perfect warm and intimate atmosphere (plus amazing food!) for musicians to tell their tales and entrance the audience with their music.


The next Stillhouse session, on October 20, 2021, features another Alberta duo, Eric Kane and Elliot Niven. Should be good!